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Throughout 2016, Springhill Care have been campaigning to highlight the Caring Heroes of the care sector and we would like to extend a special thank you to those working at Christmas.

Our ‘spare a thought’ message is for all employees throughout the care industry working through Christmas.

Donna Briggs, managing director of Springhill Care Group, said: “Let’s extend a special thank you to those working at Christmas to look after the loved ones who need support.

While most of us will be enjoying time with our family, these people will be working in some form of capacity to ensure the care they offer is uninterrupted and that those most vulnerable are looked after and can enjoy this time themselves.

“As part of our Caring Heroes campaign, we want to change the culture in the care industry to make those working in it proud of the good work they do throughout the year.”

Springhill Care operates a range of activities on behalf of employees including healthy menu cards detailing easy and affordable recipes, and providing fresh fruit to encourage healthy eating.

To express support for our campaign, we are asking people to tell their stories on Twitter using the hashtag #caringheroes.

(The number of people estimated working in adult social care in England is estimated at 1.48 million,
with 16,015 registered care homes coming under the independent regulator of health and social care the Care Quality Commission.)




Christmas Caring Heroes 

Whilst most of us will be with family opening presents and tucking into our Christmas dinner spare a thought for those who will be working on Christmas Day.  

There will be approx.900,000 people working on Christmas Day,  most of these people will be working in a caring capacity, for example: volunteers, care and support staff, nurses, doctors & emergency services. At Christmas let’s extends a special thank you to our Christmas Caring Heroes.


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